Training Log 06/09/15

(This is mostly just for me but anyone is free to read- obvi. Just don’t judge the pace, I’m not the fastest)

**Trigger Warning for anyone who has/had an eating disorder or disordered eating **

1st real run post-cast.

Total Miles: 2.75 (326 cal)

Pace: 10:03mm

Time: 8:10(ish)pm

Weather: Sundown, ~88, mildly humid but not sticky

Food: Today I tried to eat a bit extra hoping the running from the previous days was a fluke. I ate 1:30 steamed cauliflower (100cal), 2 mints (sugar free ~5 calories), 1 strawberry hard candy (~15 calories), 7 baby carrots (~25 calories measured by food scale for accuracy), and early dinner steamed cauliflower (100 calories)  major fear food: Multigrain cheerios 1 cup (110 calories ~ 1 hour before running).

Obstacles; Eating dinner’s vegetables at 5:30 instead of 7:30 was super anxiety filled but no eating after running at night and I wanted to not be overly bloated running so I had to. I feel super guilty about it b/c I know it will throw off my eating signals tomorrow and I’ll feel hungry before 1:30 but I’ll have to suck it up especially b/c I ate something really really REALLY bad- Cheerios. I needed carbs but that was a bad choice. Carbs are bad. (gross out warning) I threw part of them up at the end of the run which is why I didn’t run a full 5k. Not doing that again. Ugh.

Medical: Foot was about a 4/10 during the run and 6/10 post run, numbness in my arm was a bit horrendous after my back seized up a bit but I think I’ll do some PT to try and combat that injury flaring up. Super dizzy after run. ~30 min sitting post-run and still shaky and nauseated and off balance (?). Scared to stand and a bit thirsty. Headache and ears feel hollow and painful (maybe I listen to music too loud?)

At least I got some of my pace back now I just need my distance back. And I am NOT eating processed food again. only vegetables and fruit. Maybe I’ll try and apple tomorrow (?) I’m scared to go buy those at the store, So MUCH sugar!!! :/

Update: I passed out or blacked out. Not sure but I started shaking as I walked to get in the shower and just collapsed. FML. So I forced myself to eat some vegetables but now I feel terrible and like my  running is going to suck b/c of all the extra weight.

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