3 thoughts on “Confession

  1. It’s scary and that is why its brave 🙂 you can take me in your pocket or on your shoulder if you like. I’ve been there, I needed lots of help and encouragement too the first time I went to the doctor. It’s natural to be scared but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it.

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    • Thanks Em! I am so scared. I don’t even know how to start like what do I even say, Ya know? It’s like I feel so dumb bc i feel like I’m not sick enough but sometimes I am? And I’m so scared they won’t believe me or do anything and that I’ll be stuck living like this forever. I’m so confused and I feel like my mind is lying to me so much idk what’s real anymore and what to believe. I’m so scared I’ll chicken out tho and I can’t sleep bc I am so worried and I’m just… Idk. I wish this was easier and not my life.

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      • I get it, I felt the same xxx I’ve heard other people with eds talk about similar feelings too xx you’re not alone and you can and have a right to get help for this though xxx thinking of you and sending courage, hugs and deep breaths xxx Em

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