Encouraging Thunder Award!


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This is so sweet! Thanks to Amb for nominating me for this, I love this idea! First, let me just say that the last week and a half has been…ermmm… difficult (to say the least haha) and you (as well as so many other awesome bloggers) have been so amazingly supportive and encouraging, giving me confidence, strength and shedding hope at times that I felt totally lost, small and terrified, so thank you for that because it has helped more than you know!

My purpose in blogging, however, started to kind of cross something off my New Years Resolution list. I had made a list and one was to start a blog. At the point that I started this blog it was mostly just me trying to get my thoughts together, put things on paper, hold myself accountable and maybe work up the courage to get help for my ED. I honestly credit it with actually getting me to go through with that last week because without everyone’s support, wisdom and encouragement I am almost completely positive that I wouldn’t have ever walked my terrified, shaking self through the doors of my doctor’s office last Thursday nor actually told anyone. Now that I have won my first battle against my ED (I say battle b/c there is still many more to come before the war is over) I am hoping to continue blogging- the good and bad- all through recovery and maybe help a few others out along the way. I personally find it much easier to write my feelings than discuss them out loud- perhaps that’s the introvert part of me. I am also longing to run again. I recently had to stop for a bit because I am so weak from this ED so I look forward to bazillions of running posts and getting back to my beloved sport.

There is so so so many great blogs and people who have been super amazing for me I am new(ish) to this so I don’t have too many to nominate but we will start with these next ones. So, finally….

The nominees are:

1. myambivalentexistence for all the amazing support and encouragement you showed me, especially last week leading up to my doctor’s appointment 🙂

2. myquietroar for supporting me and providing me tips on how to approach my doctor and for understanding the love of running!

3. Em Recovers because she always has THE best links in her blog and has some amazing insight and I know she is going through a hard time right now but from the start of my blogging adventure she has been one of my favorite sites and deserves to know how much guidance and encouragement she has provided me. And I’ll be darned if I don’t provide her with the same encouragement now that she is hitting a speed bump 🙂 ❤