Body shamed.

To the lady who just called me “scarily skinny” and told her daughter I “need to eat a cheeseburger”:
If you think I am not aware I am sick, I am. I may not be able to see what I really look like in the mirror but I am trying.

If you think I should just “eat a cheeseburger” as you put it, I wish I could but I cry sometimes just being in the parking lot of the grocery store.

If you think your comment was funny or “constructive criticism”, it wasn’t. In fact it just made my eating disorder thoughts stronger by pointing out that people do judge others based on appearance and reinforcing my Eating Disorder’s belief that I need to be skinnier.

If you think you can use the excuse “I didn’t know you had an eating disorder” to pardon your behavior, you can’t. It doesn’t matter if you knew or didn’t it is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. If you were truly worried about me you could’ve more discreetly and kindly “crossed the line” to express that. 

If you think your mental satisfaction was worth more than my mental health by commenting on my body, I sure hope it was because I have been crying since. 

If you think you didn’t do anything wrong or haven’t even considered what your little comment may have felt like on the receiving end, I hope you read this and stop yourself next time because regardless of if someone is “scary skinny”, “normal”, or “morbidly obese” it is still NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS and you never know what that person may be battling.